3 Things To Consider When Buying Your First Hunting Knife

A hunting knife is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment a hunter can have. The wrong sized knife may not give you the ability to skin or eviscerate properly. A dull blade could be dangerous to use. A poor quality knife may break when you need it most. Since you will be relying on your hunting knife, it's crucial that you make a smart purchase and get the best hunting knives that you can find. Read More 

4 Bike Maintenance And Care Tips

Many people are taking advantage of the great outdoors and their health by jumping on their bicycles and exploring. This is an excellent hobby that most people can do for their entire lives. If you want to be able to get out on your bicycle for enjoyment on a moment's notice to enjoy your fitness, make sure that you take advantage of its maintenance. Use these maintenance repair tips, so that you are able to care for your bicycle over the long haul. Read More 

How To Find Women’s Boots Meant For Larger Calves

Since long boots are a fashion staple for women, it can be frustrating when you can't find the right fit. In a lot of cases, this may be because your calves seem too large for the boots. Take comfort in knowing that even though most boots are made for smaller or average sized women, and there are shoes out there that are just right for everyone's calf muscles. Know Your Numbers Read More 

The Perfect Football Tailgating Gift

Are you desperate for gift ideas for your husband, fiancé, brother or boyfriend? As football season is fast approaching, a tailgating gift set is perfect for any guy who loves the sport. Use these suggestions to craft the ultimate football tailgating gift.  Choose a viable container Start by selecting a container that is large enough to contain the items you've selected. These containers could include a large cooler with a handle, a  metal basket with the team emblem, or a large galvanized bucket. Read More 

How To Clean Your Bowling Ball And Why It Matters

Not all bowling balls are created equal, which is why some bowlers opt to bring their own ball to the alley rather than use a house ball. Whether you bowl for fun or competitively, if you bring your own ball, then you need to regularly maintain and clean it. A dirty bowling ball will not perform the same as a clean one. The following guide shows you how to clean a bowling ball and why regular maintenance is important. Read More