Etiquette At RV Parks

A recreational vehicle, or RV, can be a great way to take a short vacation or a trip across the country. Having your mode of transportation and your 'hotel room' in one gives you more flexibility and, often, more fun. Knowing the unspoken 'rules' and etiquette of RV parks will make your vacation that much more enjoyable. Here are some tips that will make you as comfortable and welcome as an experienced camper, even if it's your first time in an RV park. Read More 

Selecting The Right Hockey Stick: Tips And Considerations

Are you new to the sport of hockey? If so, then you'll need to start by purchasing the necessary equipment to safely play the sport. Because hockey is a very physical sport, it's important that you have all the safety gear you need to avoid serious injury during game play. One of the most important pieces of hockey equipment you'll buy, however, is your stick. Read on to learn about the most important considerations for buying your first hockey stick. Read More 

Basic Gear For Kickboxing

Kickboxing is indeed a form of martial arts, meaning you'll need specialized gear to protect your body from the blows of an opponent. Even if you're not planning on fighting with a partner, certain areas of your body still need coverage when working with punching bags and speed bags at the gym. Body Attire Your regular old gym shirt and sweatpants won't generally cut it for kickboxing. Loose cotton clothing tears easily and leaves you wet as it absorbs all your sweat. Read More 

Soccer Builds Success: Prep Your Child For Life!

Soccer, or football, is the most popular sport in the world. Because it is a "no contact" sport, players of all sizes and shapes can do equally well. Youth soccer teams are a great option for kids who may not have experience with athletics, but who want to participate in team sports. Participating on a youth soccer team is beneficial to young people for a myriad of reasons; specifically providing psychological, social, and health benefits that will enhance a child's life for years to come. Read More 

String Your Lacrosse Stick With The Right Stuff

As a player, your lacrosse stick is possibly your most important piece of equipment. If your stick doesn't give you the right ball feel, hold, whip, or throw the way you need it to, you won't be able to showcase your talent and help your team win. Many players spend significant time deciding which head to get, but neglect what is really important: the material used to string up the pocket. Read More