Basic Gear For Kickboxing

Kickboxing is indeed a form of martial arts, meaning you'll need specialized gear to protect your body from the blows of an opponent. Even if you're not planning on fighting with a partner, certain areas of your body still need coverage when working with punching bags and speed bags at the gym.

Body Attire

Your regular old gym shirt and sweatpants won't generally cut it for kickboxing. Loose cotton clothing tears easily and leaves you wet as it absorbs all your sweat. Select shorts and a T-shirt that are loose and lightweight. They should be made of specialized material that pull moisture away from your skin. This lessens that wet sweaty feeling you have after a long training session. Your footwear should ideally cover your ankles, to give you some support in that area. During competitive fights, wear a groin protector, if you are male. Wearing a cup with these supportive undergarments is optional.

Hand Protection

Protective hand equipment is crucial for all types of kickboxing -- from a basic class at the gym to a competitive match. Full hand protection requires two pieces of equipment: Hand wraps and boxing gloves. Hand wraps preserve the delicate bones in your hands and wrists, and offer additional support.

Slip boxing gloves on over hand wraps, for ultimate protection. Gloves stop your skin from sticking to training bags, which causes cuts and tears. Appropriate hand gear isn't only essential for your safety, but also for the welfare of your opponent. Proper padding can lessen injuries caused by direct blows.

Head Guards

If you're planning on getting in the ring with a partner, you'll need protection for your head. Coverage of headgear varies widely, depending on your preference and the rules of the facility. A helmet should protect at least the sides of your head and forehead. Select between one with a chin strap to secure it in place, or one that offers chin padding, for even more protection. You'll need a mouth guard for one-on-one fight, to protect your teeth as well.

Leg Coverage

Whether you're fighting with a rival or working with a punching bag, wear protective gear on your legs. Shin guards cover the front part of your leg below your knee, minimizing injury to these bones. Alternatively, buy a set of lace-up kickboxing boots. They'll offer some protection in this vulnerable area, without feeling as bulky as shin guards. If you tend to strike with your knee, wear knee pads too. However, also consider wearing knee pads to prevent bruising associated with grappling and taking down your opponent. 

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