Selecting The Right Hockey Stick: Tips And Considerations

Are you new to the sport of hockey? If so, then you'll need to start by purchasing the necessary equipment to safely play the sport. Because hockey is a very physical sport, it's important that you have all the safety gear you need to avoid serious injury during game play. One of the most important pieces of hockey equipment you'll buy, however, is your stick. Read on to learn about the most important considerations for buying your first hockey stick.


These days, hockey sticks come in all kinds of material. The cheapest sticks tend to be made out of wood, which is great for those on a budget. However, wood also tends to be heavier and can break easily under pressure. Therefore, for most players, a wood stick is best only as a backup. For your primary stick, you'll probably want to choose one that's made out of Kevlar, graphite, aluminum, or fiberglass. These tend to be the most durable while also remaining lightweight. 


The flexibility of the stick, also referred to as "flex," is another important factor to consider when buying a hockey stick. Proper flex will result in the most power while taking a shot on goal without causing the stick to break. The best way to determine your proper flex is to take your weight and divide it by two. Therefore, if you weigh 200 pounds, your flex should be right about 100 for the best results. As you gain more experience as a hockey player, however, you may decide that you prefer more or less flex.

Curve of Blade

Finally, the curve of your stick blade will have a great effect on your stick handling and shooting. Generally, if you tend to do more shooting than stick handling, you'll want a larger curve on your blade to give you more control over your shots. However, too great of a curve can increase the difficulty of puck handling. Be sure to check with your league before choosing a curve, as most have rules in place regarding how large of a curve is allowed.

These are a few of the most important considerations to keep in mind when choosing your first hockey stick. It may seem like a lot to consider at first, but as you become more experienced as a player, you'll understand why these factors are so vital and how they can affect your game play. Consult a local sports equipment store like All Sports Replay for more advice and any concerns.