The Perfect Football Tailgating Gift

Are you desperate for gift ideas for your husband, fiancĂ©, brother or boyfriend? As football season is fast approaching, a tailgating gift set is perfect for any guy who loves the sport. Use these suggestions to craft the ultimate football tailgating gift. 

Choose a viable container

Start by selecting a container that is large enough to contain the items you've selected. These containers could include a large cooler with a handle, a  metal basket with the team emblem, or a large galvanized bucket. 

Select one or two primary gifts

Choose one or two larger items to include as the main gifts. Great ideas for the large gifts include a pair of tickets to an upcoming game, a pair of binoculars, or a portable grill perfect for tailgating.

Keep in mind that tickets to NFL games are expensive. According to, the average price for a ticket purchased on the secondary markets for the 2012 football season started a $191.43 each.  One suggestion for saving a little money is to wait until the last minute (24 to 48 hours prior to the game) to purchase your tickets at a discounted cost. If you wait and purchase tickets closer to kickoff time, you can save an average of 18-20%.

Since the grill you're purchasing as part of the tailgating gift is only one part of the gift, you don't need to spend oodles of money on it  There are tons of portable grills currently on the market in a variety of sizes and prices. On average, propane and charcoal portable grills range from $30.00--100.00. However, keep in mind that these portable grills are not particularly durable and tend to rust fairly quickly. If you plan on using this portable grill frequently, invest in higher quality model. 

Fill with tailgating necessities

Finish filling your containers with clothes to wear during the game and food and beverages to enjoy during the game. 

  • Team apparel
  • Beverages
    • 12-24 pack of his favorite beer
    • insulated thermos or beer koozie
  • Food  
    • dry roasted peanuts and mixed nuts
    • pretzels
    • tortilla chips, queso dip, and salsa 
    • football themed plates, napkins, and cups
    • grocery store gift card to purchase hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, chicken, and/or steak
    • mini-bags of cookies and candies

The finishing touches

Accent your gift basket by winding a ribbon (in team colors) around the handle and making a oversize, decorative bow. You are now ready to present your loved one with the ultimate, quintessential tailgating gift.