How To Find Women’s Boots Meant For Larger Calves

Since long boots are a fashion staple for women, it can be frustrating when you can't find the right fit. In a lot of cases, this may be because your calves seem too large for the boots. Take comfort in knowing that even though most boots are made for smaller or average sized women, and there are shoes out there that are just right for everyone's calf muscles.

Know Your Numbers

It helps to be familiar with standard number sizes before you begin your search. Know that most boots that come up to the knees are 14 inches in circumference. Anything beyond that is considered "wide shaft" or "wide calf." These are typically one to two inches wider than the usual size.

You may prefer to purchase a pair that comes in 17, 18, or 19 inches. It may be a good idea to measure the circumference of the widest part of your calves and then find a corresponding size for the shaft. Often you can find the appropriate calf size regardless of the sole's size if you get wide or extra-wide calf sizes.

Best Types of Boots

Some shoe terms can give you a good hint as to whether a pair will give you the room you require. Stretch and plus-sized boots are excellent places to start. Stretch boots may fit tightly at first, but when you break them in by walking around the house, they should suit you just fine. 

Another idea is to purchase boots made of sheepskin. These are renowned for being more spacious in the calf area. You don't even have to invest in a larger shaft size!

Handy Tricks

You can apply a few nifty tricks for making your boots fit if they aren't working for you the first time around. Consider going to a shoemaker. With most boots, they can have their elastic gore removed and then replaced. Alternatively, leather boots can have more panels built into them.

Look for fasteners on the side of the boots. Gussets along the side, laces on the front, and zippers can offer some wiggle room. You may be able to re-lace the boots, giving you 3 more inches of room.

Don't be discouraged if the boots you want do not fit you from the get-go. It may take some extra searching and additional work, yet you should be able to find the perfectly sized boots for your stunning legs.