4 Bike Maintenance And Care Tips

Many people are taking advantage of the great outdoors and their health by jumping on their bicycles and exploring. This is an excellent hobby that most people can do for their entire lives. If you want to be able to get out on your bicycle for enjoyment on a moment's notice to enjoy your fitness, make sure that you take advantage of its maintenance.

Use these maintenance repair tips, so that you are able to care for your bicycle over the long haul. 

4. Take Care Of Your Tire Pressure

The two tires that your bicycle rides on are the most important components that you must look after. You can do this by checking the pressure with a gauge before each and every ride. This will allow you to keep more tread on your tires, so that you get a smoother ride and have less of a chance of blowing a flat. For best results, use harder tires if you constantly travel smooth terrain, and softer tires if you are going to be traveling more rugged terrain. 

3. Constantly Oil Your Bike Chain

Your bike chain is the part that allows the pedals to move your tires smoothly. In order to keep the motion intact, you will need to thoroughly lubricate the bike chain. You can purchase an oil solution that is specifically geared toward bike chains, so that it moves freely and seamlessly. A properly lubricated bike chain will also be resistant to breaking and rusting. However, make sure that you use a light oil, so that the lubrication on the chain does not become thick and gooey. 

2. Hang The Bike When Not In Use

Install a hanging rack in your garage, so that you can store the bike vertically, in a cool place. This allows you to protect the natural flow of lubrication along the chain, while also keeping your derailleurs intact. Avoid standing your bike up on the kickstand at all costs and never leave your bike outdoors after use. 

1. Carry A Tool Kit At All Times

Keep a tool kit in a portable pouch that can be stored in a back pack or attached to the bike itself. This way, you'll be able to patch up a tire, lubricate or change a chain, tighten sprockets and perform any other work that needs to be done throughout the course of riding. This is especially important if you bike across outdoor trails, which would be difficult to traverse with your bike out of operation. 

If you follow these specific bicycle maintenance tips, you'll find that your bike lasts longer and you will get the most out of it. If you have more questions, contact a company like Fort Myers Schwinn Cyclery to learn more.