Karate Or Krav Maga For Self Defense?

Training in a martial art form could be the key to saving your life. If you live in a high crime area, or know someone who was recently attacked, you may feel especially vulnerable. The key to combating your fear is to empower yourself with specialized training, but how do you know which form suits you best? Taking a class once or twice on self defense is a great start. But it's not enough. Read More 

A Good Cleaning Kit Preserves Your Hunting Guns

Those new to sport shooting and hunting might be thrilled with their new hobby. With all the enjoyment hunting brings however, there are also responsibilities. To shoot safely while also preserving the life of your gun, you have to clean it. Whether you are cleaning a rifle or a shotgun, you must avoid making common novice mistakes that can cause cause damage and ruin your prized hunting tool. Buy A Cleaning Kit Read More 

Getting The Most Bang Out Of Your Whale Watching Buck

Whale watching remains a favorite excursion when vacationing near the water. According to a 2008 special report from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, in fact, the industry sees as many as 13 million whale watchers annually who hope to forge a special moment with these gentle giants. With whale season ramping up in many parts of the world, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your own adventure. Read More 

Keep Your Kids Safe As They Bounce The Day Away

Inflatable bounce houses are popping up at almost every kid's backyard party. Keep young party goers safe and free from injury, while enjoying the party rentals. Anchor with Stakes Before setting up the bounce house, make sure that the ground is level and clear of any debris, pine cones, sticks or objects that could rip the material. Place it on a flat surface and include a tarp underneath, if setting the bounce house up on hard concrete or other hard surfaces. Read More 

Ride A Motorcycle And Boost Your Health

Some motorcycle enthusiast describe their riding experiences as a great way to get away from the stress and worry of everyday life. Research suggests that this is a fairly accurate account. Riding a motorcycle can actually be a boost to your health. Motorcycle riders can have reduced stress, improved core strength and the ability to burn extra calories. Reduce Stress After the end of a ride, some riders say they feel more energized and have greater mental clarity. Read More