How To Stand Up On A Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is such a thrill. But before you get out on the boat, you should read these helpful tips. This article will help you learn how to stand up on a wakeboard, such as a Hyperlite wakeboard. This is often the hardest part of the whole ordeal!

Make Sure the Driver Knows How to Drive

This first step is very important. If your driver goes too fast or too slow, you might find it impossible to get up. Too fast and you will faceplant or have the tow rope ripped out of your hand immediately. Too slow and you will just be getting dragged behind the boat with your board still under water. The prime speed for wakeboarding is just over 20 MPH. However, if you are a beginner the boat should be somewhere around 15 MPH. The driver will need to get up to that speed in a matter of a few seconds.

Getting In Position

Once the speed is all sorted out it is time to focus on technique. Imagine you are in the water with the tow rope waiting for the boat to take off. First, make sure you are in line with the boat. You do not want try standing up if the boat is jetting off at an angle. Hold the rope directly over the center of the board. Bend your knees and arms and lay on your back in the water. You will basically be balled up, floating in the water.

Bending Your Knees

Keep your knees bent as the boat takes off. While you are doing this keep your weight on your heels. The force of the rope will quickly pull you up to a standing position. If the weight of your upper body is shifted in front of your knees you will catch your toes and fall. So, keep your knees and arms bent, your toes up and your hips back.

As you start to pop up you can straighten your knees and shift your wait to the side. You will want to ride your wakeboard in the same stance that you ride a snowboard, skateboard or surfboard. As you are standing up you can pull back with your back arm. This will pop you up into your natural boarding stance.

You might not stand up on your first attempt, but keep at it. Once you stand up and start riding the wake you will realize why wakeboarding is such a fun and popular sport.