Benefits Of Tumbling Classes

As parents get ready for the school year to start up, many are looking for activities for their children beyond the classroom.  Every week it seems that there are articles in the paper and online about the problems of childhood obesity and the lifelong health risks that this poses.  With schools cutting back athletics programs to focus on more standardized testing, parents are helping their children stay in shape with after school programs.  One of the most popular programs that you can enroll your child in is tumbling classes.  Tumbling is closely akin to gymnastic classes in that your child will learn how to perform floor exercises of varying difficulty.  There are many benefits beyond the obvious for those taking tumbling classes.

  • Fitness—The first and most obvious benefit of tumbling classes is fitness.  Most children spend too much time sitting in front of the television or computer.  But tumbling classes get them on their feet for several hours a week, stretching and moving around.  This kind of exercise is good for them to stay in shape.
  • Flexibility—Tumbling helps your child be able to move and stay flexible.  This will help set them on a lifelong course that will aid them years later when joint pain and stiffness will set in making flexibility more of an issue.  If your child has an interest in participating in other sports, particularly gymnastics or team sports, flexibility is also a key as it helps with quicker movement and limits injuries.  Tumbling classes are a great gateway to success in other sports, particularly cheerleading, dance, martial arts, football, and basketball.
  • Self-Confidence—One of the greatest benefits of tumbling cannot be seen or measured physically.  Many students come into tumbling classes lacking any confidence in themselves or what they can do physically.  Instead, they see themselves negatively and tend to be withdrawn.  Tumbling can give them confidence by showing them exactly what they can do if they set their minds to something.  It can also help bring them out of their shells and give them an avenue to flourish.
  • Social Skills—Too many children today are learning to socialize with the television set or the video game system.  Even in school, recess time is being cut in favor of more test-taking preparation.  As a result, children are learning less and less how to socialize properly, how to be respectful of each other, and how to do simple things like taking turns and being polite. 
  • Overcoming Anxiety—Many children are nervous about getting in front of large groups to perform.  This can affect them all the way through their adult life when they can be anxious about giving presentations at school or work.  Tumbling classes help them to overcome this common anxiety early on by having them perform in a safe and nurturing environment.

If you are looking for an after school activity for your child, it is easy to see that tumbling classes, such as at Brown's Gymnastics, have many benefits for your child.  These classes can help not just your child's physical health, but also his or her mental and emotional well-being.