Golf Cart Rules

If you are planning on using a cart on the golf course, be sure to know proper cart etiquette. Each course has its own rules, and they may change from day to day. These rules are implemented to protect the players, as well as the turf on the fairways and greens. After you have paid your greens fee, be sure to check with the clubhouse to see which rules currently apply.


Before driving off in a golf cart, be sure to check any posted warnings on it such as passenger or weight limits. The clubhouse may have their own rules about safety which you may find posted in the clubhouse or on the course. Drive carefully and use common sense to avoid accidents. Never drink and drive.

Never Ever

Unless you are on the cart path, never drive near hazard boundaries, stay about 10 yards from water hazards and bunkers, and stay about 30 yards from greens. Water can damage the cart, and the cart can damage the bunkers and mounds.

  • Never drive near tee boxes.

  • Never drive off the cart path for par-3 holes.

Be Mindful Of Others

When another player is getting ready to start a stroke, don't drive your golf cart. If you are driving along the cart path and see a player preparing to swing, slow down and stop until they are done. Also be mindful when backing up, as the carts typically beep and can distract a player.

For your safety and your passenger's, do not drive the cart in front of other players or groups.

When you have completed a hole, move on to the next one before filling out your scores so that you are not delaying the game of someone who is waiting behind you.

Cart Path Only

When you see this rule applied, it means you must keep the cart on the designated cart path at all times. You must drive until you are parallel with your ball, stop the cart, and walk through the grass to get to your ball.

The cart-path-only rule is used to protect the turf from damage. It may apply to the entire course, or only to specific holes.

90-Degree Rule

On some days, you may be asked to follow the 90-degree rule. This means you can drive onto the grass, but only from a 90-degree angle from the cart path. Drive until you are parallel with your ball, make a 90-degree turn, and then drive straight to it. When you are done, drive straight back to the cart path.

This is used to keep Golf Cart Creations off the grass as much as possible, while still allowing convenience to the players.