How A Package Deal Can Make Your Super Bowl Dream Come True

Without a doubt, one thing ranked near the top of every football fanatic's bucket list would be one trip to see the Super Bowl live. If you've ever considered trying to squeeze at least one Super Bowl into your lifetime, then you might want to strongly consider going with a Super Bowl package deal. Here is what you get with most packages and why you'll be better guaranteed a great time if you choose a complete package. Read More 

3 Winter Storage Options for Your Recreational Vehicle

Owning a recreational vehicle can be a lot of fun. You can enjoy endless hours on the open highways, at campgrounds, and resorts around the country. However, once fall turns to winter, you need to decide where to store your RV. The following three options are good choices. Commercial Storage Units Many people do not realize that they can rent storage units to accommodate automobiles, boats, and recreational vehicles. A storage facility will give you access to 24-hour monitoring and security. Read More 

Climbing Kilimanjaro: Answers To Two Important Questions You May Have

There are few things that can make you feel more accomplished than standing on top of a mountain that you have just climbed. Not surprisingly, there are many people that dream about climbing some of the world's tallest mountains. In particular, Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the largest mountains in the world, and climbing it is often seen as a badge of honor among climbers. Yet, this is no small feat, and there are a couple of questions you may have about this journey. Read More 

3 Creative Ways To Exercise Outside Of The Boring Gym Routine

You want to be healthy and stay in shape, but you are bored of the same old routine of cardio and weights at the gym. Here are three easy out-of-the-box ways to get exercise, try something new, and have a blast. Disc golf Disc golf, otherwise known as Frisbee golf or frolf, has become an increasingly popular recreational sport. The rules are similar to regular golf, except you are traversing a course, and trying to get your discs to the targets with the fewest throws possible. Read More 

Paws De France: 4 Ways To Take Your Dog Along For A Bike Ride

You let Fido ride around in the car on a trip to the grocery store, right? So why not let him tag along on your bike ride? More and more dogs are accompanying their owners as they explore the great outdoors on a bike. If you're itching to do the same, here are four ways that you can take your dog along for the ride.  Use a Dog Trailer A specially made bicycle trailer attaches to the back of your bike and makes a comfortable resting spot for your dog as you cycle away. Read More