How To Prepare For A Snorkeling Trip

A snorkeling trip is an exciting addition to any tropical vacation. The event allows you to enjoy nature up close in its environment. Get close to creatures like sea turtles, tropical fish, and more without the time and effort required for scuba diving. Advanced will improve the experience. It only takes a small amount of planning and effort to prepare. 

Join a Tour

Reserving a place with a Turtle Cove snorkel tour ensures you will go to areas known for abundant sea life. Anyone unfamiliar with the region will not always notice signs of dangerous seas or impending weather events. A professional tour includes expert guides who ensure safety in these instances and many others.

Pack Adequate Gear

Invest in a small but sturdy gear bag for the gear, accessories, and clothing changes. Pack a swimsuit or wetsuit, sunglasses, and sunblock. If desired, bring a waterproof camera to capture the memories. Include a swim cap or hair tie to keep long hair contained.

Purchase a well-fitting, water-tight mask, a snorkel, and fins. Buy a non-toxic, environmentally friendly mask defogger, or learn other ways to stay fog-free. Wear socks under the fins to avoid blisters or discomfort.

Practice With Gear

Practice with the snorkel and mask before the trip. A few sessions before the tour will make it easier to slip into gear quickly and learn how to feel comfortable breathing through the snorkel. Some people can feel slightly uneasy with the process at first. Practicing enables people to remain calm and enjoy the adventure. 

Stay Safety Minded

Anyone that is not a strong swimmer should wear a float vest for added security. Remain in the area of water defined by the tour guide. Stay near a partner or a group in case anyone experiences trouble.

Avoid touching sea life or coral reefs. Do not attempt to catch anything. Leave any natural items in the ocean to keep the environment protected. Sea turtles are on the endangered species list. The creatures are put at risk by human contact. Getting too close to a turtle could stress or sicken them. Those who touch, feed, or hold a turtle could receive a fine of over $10,000.

A snorkeling tour is the experience of a lifetime. The fun underwater adventure is something everyone should try at least once. Preparation and following directions ensure that the participants remain safe and do not put anyone else or any sea life at risk. For more information on a turtle cove snorkle tour, contact a professional near you.