Four Things To Know Before Your First Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Visit

Whether you have long been a cannabis aficionado who is thrilled to be now able to purchase it legally in some states or you are a new enthusiast who has done your research and are interested in seeing what cannabis is all about for yourself, new purchasers should be aware of a few things. Here is what you should know before making your first pilgrimage to a recreational cannabis dispensary.

Understand The Types Of Cannabis

Cannabis is generally divided into two distinct strains. One is cannabis sativa; the other is cannabis indica. In theory, the two strains have completely different effects when it comes to the kind of "buzz" they produce. With cannabis sativa, the buzz will be energizing, both physically and mentally. Cannabis sativa is good for stimulating conversations and activities with others. With cannabis indica, the effects are much more subdued. This strain of cannabis is good for relaxing in the evening before bed or when you just want a mellow mood rather than an invigorating vibe.

While these attributes may be generally accurate, it isn't that quite cut and dry in reality. No worries, though. Just have a good idea of what qualities you are looking for, and the salesperson will ask a few more questions to help get a better idea of your experience level and what would be best for you. Many recreational cannabis users try small amounts of different kinds initially until they find what they like. Cannabis doesn't affect everyone the same.

Bring Your Prescription

If you were given a medical marijuana prescription, be sure to bring it along, even if you are just interested in the non-medical recreational cannabis. The prescription can aid the salesperson in making recommendations for you.

You Won't Be Able To Go Incognito

You will need to have a government-issued photo identification card in order to enter the dispensary as well as make a purchase. In most states, they just need to check you are 21 or older. Just like a bar or liquor store needs to see ID before selling you alcohol, all a dispensary wants to see is that you are of a legal age to purchase.

Leave Your Credit Cards In Your Wallet 

Many small startup dispensaries don't take debit or credit cards. This is because the retailer has to pay a percentage, often three percent or more. Sometimes that is passed on to the consumer. It's easiest to just pay for your purchases with paper money.