Choosing A Fishing Boat When You Live On Long Island

Long Island has lots of access to water, which makes it the perfect place to own a boat if you love to fish. You have the Long Island Sound, the Atlantic Ocean, as well as bays in the interior of the island. However, it is important to know what type of boat to get. Different types of water will require different types of boats. The boats that are suitable for the inland bays won't serve you well when you head out into the Atlantic Ocean. So, with that said, here are three types of boats and the particular types of water in and around Long Island that they are suited for.

Bay Boat

Bay boats are small and not suited for open water like the Long Island Sound or the Atlantic Ocean. They are suited for small water, such as the Peconic bay. The boats are very easy to navigate and small enough to get around shallow water. So, if you're looking to fish in Suffolk Country and want to get out in the Peconic bay or the Noyack bay, then a bay boat is perfect. You can hook them up to your car and tow them to the bay launch on the weekends and head out to go fish.

Center Console Boat

If you want to get out into the Long Island sound or head up to Rye and north to the waters off of Connecticut, then a center console boat is your best bet. These are much larger than bay boats, have strong motors, and are deep hulled enough so that they won't get rocked around in small waves like you will find in the Long Island Sound. You will be able to stand up and cast your line without worrying about the boat tipping. If you like, you can get a large center console that even has a sleeping compartment underneath the deck. Though these boats are not suited for long, ocean voyages, the extra room is always nice if you are out for the day and want space to take a nap or someone on board gets sea sick and needs to lie down.


If you are heading out fishing in the Atlantic Ocean, perhaps deep sea fishing off of Montauk, you need a large cruiser. These are powerful, deep hulled boats that can handle the strong currents and waves of the Atlantic Ocean. They are also suitable for fishing in the Long Island Sound. You could even launch from the North Shore and head into the Sound and then power around the island and out to sea if you are looking for a nice, long weekend trip. These boats often have large sleeping cabins for overnight trips.

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