3 Dangerous, Yet Incredibly Exciting Game Fish Catches

If you want to get your blood pumping and heart jumping, join a fishing charter headed out to catch game fish. Seeking out a dangerous catch will give you stories to tell for a lifetime. On these charters, you might hunt the elusive tiger shark, ferocious barracuda and threatening sailfish. Here are some things to keep in mind about each one of these dangerous catches.

Tiger Shark

The most exciting part of fishing for tiger sharks is the chase. Your charter boat may spend hours trailing sharks in an effort to find a large, aggressive individual. You might find tiger sharks ranging from nine to sixteen feet in length. The largest of these sharks weighs in at a few thousand pounds on average.

You will catch and release the sharks since their flesh is not delicious to eat. Make sure to keep your limbs and digits far from the shark's mouth since their bite strength rivals all of the other predators on the planet.


At six feet in length on average, the barracuda only grows to nearly half the size of the tiger shark. What the barracuda lacks in size, however, it makes up for in speed. This fish can charge your bait at a rate of nearly 30 miles per hour.

Upon reaching the bait, it will rip your offerings to shreds with its large fangs. You will need to set the hook quickly to catch these fish on your line. Upon bringing this fish on board, take care to avoid the snapping jaws and sharp fins.


The sailfish cannot do a ton of damage once it is brought on board. It is the chase you'll need to worry about. Sailfish swim incredibly fast and leap out of the water using their powerful tail fin.

If these nearly 200-pound fish slam into anyone while sailing through the air, that unlucky individual could end up knocked out and even land in the water below. In addition, the foot-long bill can rip and puncture flesh quite easily. Upon bringing these creatures on board, you still need to stay out of range of the sharp bill and dorsal fin.

Netting the Rewards

The very things that make the above fish so dangerous add a layer of excitement to your charter fishing trip. Follow the safety protocols laid out by your captain to avoid mishaps with the fish. Always remember to keep your body out of range of the sharp teeth and fins to avoid injury. If any problems occur, your captain will use the on board first aid kit to patch you up. Your captain can relay serious injuries through the radio for assistance from the Coast Guard.