The Ultimate Swing Set Shopping Guide

Swing sets come in many varieties, which means you might be out of your element without some helpful research. Here are some hints on how to find a swing set that fits your family's needs.

Pick the Right Time of Year to Shop

Finding the right swing set has to do with safety, potential for endless fun, and not breaking the bank. You may be able to haggle prices a bit on the swing set if you shop at a time when swing sets aren't nearly as popular. Consider shopping in the late summer or early fall, when you would still be able to erect the swing set before the cold of winter sets in. Many people buy swing sets right at the beginning of spring, but if you wait until then, you have fewer choices to work with.

Who Will Use the Swing Set?

The swing set material should represent the number of kids who will use the swing set at any time. If you anticipate hosting regular after school play dates for kids in the neighborhood, you will need something sturdier than if the swing set is meant for your toddler. Two of the common swing set materials are wood and metal, or a combination of the two.

Wooden Swing Sets: Wooden swing sets are mostly durable and are not easily damaged by harsh weather. A general rule of thumb with wooden swing sets is that the thicker the top beam, the better. A thicker beam means the beam will not splinter or crack easily.

Northern white cedar and redwood are both solid wood materials for a swing set, because they are naturally resistant to insects and don't cause splinters.

Metal Swing Sets: Metal swing sets are sturdy, low maintenance, and attractive. Metal swing sets can also bend when holding too much weight, so make sure your children stick to the safety rule of only one child per swing at a time.

Home Installation

The good thing about swing sets that you install yourself is that you can swap out the swings according to the size of your children. If you have a toddler who can't sit alone in an adult swing, you can install a baby swing that gives the child back support and locks him or her in safely. Then you can take all the photos you want for a family Christmas card while Junior smiles from the comfort of the baby swing.

With all this in mind, you are better prepared to pick out the right swing set from a place like Kids Gotta Play that is perfect for your family.