Picking The Right Golf Course For You

Part of the joy of golfing is getting to experience fantastic courses when you travel around the state, the country and even the world. And while this adventurous approach can certainly be entertaining, it's also a comforting feeling of belonging to a local golf course like The Pointe Golf Club.

If you're not already the member of a golf club, you'll want to put in some research time -- and, yes, golfing is considered research -- to determine which club is right for you.

The Basics

Before you start to evaluate the intangibles that make a golf course feel like home, consider the basics. Does the cost of a membership work within your budget? Is the course located a reasonable distance to where you live or work? Do you have friends who are already members? Answering these questions can help you put a selection of local courses on your short list that are each worth serious consideration. A distant course might be cheaper than the one just a few minutes away, but do you really want to fight through traffic every time you want to play a round?

The Course

The course itself is the main reason for you to buy a membership at a local golf course. Ideally, the course should suit your ability. For example, if you're just learning the sport, getting a membership at the toughest course in the state might just lead to discouragement. Think of the specifics of your game and how the course suits them. If you enjoy the challenge of putting, a course with large, sloping greens can pose an enjoyable challenge. If you're a long hitter, find a course with holes that offer enticing scoring rewards for your ability to drive the ball.

The Intangibles

It might sound silly to say that the "feel" of visiting the golf course is important, but don't discount this abstract concept. From the moment you arrive to the time you depart, evaluate the overall feel of the course. Does it have friendly club attendants around the parking lots or are the staff members cold? Do you feel welcome during your round of play, even when you're not a member? Consider the features of the clubhouse and the the selection and overall quality of the menu. Check the assortment of the products in the pro shop, the change room/shower facilities and the availability of lessons and practice areas. And, perhaps most importantly, watch for how often the beer cart comes around during play.