Add Color And Texture To Your Swimming Pool’s Deck

Your swimming pool can provide you and your family with endless enjoyment. Enhancing the deck that surrounds your pool will allow you to appreciate the view from all angles. You can easily add color and depth to your pool's deck, by painting the area with colorful, textured paint. This paint will not only improve the overall appearance of your deck, it will also add safety by providing an increased amount of traction.

Purchase Vital Materials To Assist With The Project

  • textured deck paint
  • trowel
  • sponge
  • long handled paint roller
  • paint tray
  • painters tape
  • soapy water
  • hose
  • long handled scrub brush
  • rag
  • mixing tool

Clean The Pool Deck And Rinse It Off

Use a long handled scrub brush to thoroughly clean the deck area. Soapy water will be a suitable cleaning agent that will assist with removing any marks and debris that are present. Rinse the area well with water. Allow the deck to dry completely before applying any paint. Prepare the area by covering sections with painters tape if you do not wish to have them exposed. 

Stir The Paint And Apply Even Coats

Stir up the textured paint. All of the components that are necessary to add dimension will already be added to the paint. Pour the paint into a paint tray and add an even amount to the paint roller. Roll the paint on with long, smooth movements. The paint needs plenty of time to dry in between coats. Check periodically to determine if the deck is ready for more paint. Two coats will provide sufficient coverage.

Add Additional Features If Desired

You can add some extra features by using a trowel or sponge. Place either of these items in the wet paint and make markings that will stand out. You can experiment with different looks by twisting each object around. If you make a mistake or are not pleased with the results, wipe off the paint with a damp rag. You can then add more paint to the area with the roller. Another option for you to consider is using two different colors of textured paint. You can paint the main part of the deck with one color and paint the edge that surrounds the pool with another color.

Have Fun And Stay Safe

Once your deck is painted, you will be ready to enjoy the freshened up area. The colorful allure that you have achieved will enhance your property in a way that you haven't experienced before. It will also be nice to know that you and your family members will not slip as often because you have added texture that will provide everyone with plenty of traction. 

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